New mini album “The Ghost Were Prolific in our Minds” out now!


On September 13, 2005, I put out my very first release, the seven track mini album Gizmo Goes to War. To celebrate ten years as a musical project, I’ve decided to unveil the brand new seven track effort The Ghosts Were Prolific in Our Minds. From the earliest days, Stars in Coma have mainly been about the solitary creative process, to quickly write and record something and then put it out. While very musically different than my earliest output, this new album is also the result of a short but fruitful creative period that took place during the spring of 2015.

This record is a more electronic experience compared to my more recent releases “The Confessional Sun” and “Arctic Air…” I guess it’s possible to detect a new-found joy for playing around with grooves, loops and synthesizers, which I haven’t been doing for a while. “The Ghosts…” is streaming now on Soundcloud and is available for free at awesome French label Beko Disques. Hope you’ll like it!


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