New EP “The World is Always Ending” out now!

Our new EP “The World is Always Ending” is now out! Check out the links below to buy or listen.

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In 2014, Stars in Coma released the personal The Confessional Sun, dealing with songwriter and producer André Brorsson’s loss of his father. Since then, Brorsson have been hard at work on the follow-up album Defunct Summer, but has repeatedly postponed the project due to lack of interest, perfectionism and personal budget cuts. However, last year saw the electro-sounding The Ghosts Were Prolific In Our Minds, a seven-track effort Brorsson deemed a “distraction project” of sorts, i.e. something fun to work on while the “real deal” is stored on a Macbook somewhere in Malmö.

While Defunct Summer eventually should see the release date somewhere in 2017, Brorsson decided to quickly create another distraction project to once again find the joy in music, the fun-titled The World is Always Ending EP. This five-track EP offers a more mellow and contemplative Stars in Coma than we’ve ever heard before. Created during a two-week stint, and drawing inspiration from artists such as Weyes Blood, Devendra Banhart and Sufjan Stevens, Brorsson had created a esoteric and stripped-down mix of folk, psych pop and ambient synth sounds.

1. The World is Always Ending
2. Saw the Cars Burning
3. A Childhood by the Coastline
4. No Sunlight
5. You Will Be Found

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