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New single “Tricks” out now!

Here’s another song from our upcoming album Confessional Sun. Streamable from Youtube and streamable/downloadable from Soundcloud.

Live @ Babel, Malmö, February 27

Hi all,

On February 27, we will be playing our first show since the summer of 2013. The place is Babel, Malmoe, and the show is part of the Kick-start club. We will debut some new songs, so that’s a pretty good reason to come right?

Facebook event here.

Pre-order new album Confessional Sun, listen to first single now!


I’m proud to say that our new album, Confessional Sunwill be out April 30, 2013 on Moonport Recordings! That seems like a long time, so while you are waiting, you can listen to the first single “By the Memorial Urn” below.

The physical edition is both an album and a book. Designer Håkan Carlsson created 16 pages, printed in full color. It´s hand numbered, signed and includes lyrics, images, illustrations, download link and a CD. Strictly limited edition, only 100 copies available! Watch photos of the album here.

Pre-order the album here.


1. On the Hill
2. Tricks
3. Paulsen & Me
4. Small Town Choir
5. Emancipation Test
6. Borders
7. By the Memorial Urn
8. Last Summer in Munich
9. Cherry Weekend
10. Lonely Chamber
11. Summer’s Coming Back
12. Nullified Wall

Watch acoustic version of 2006′s Monotone of the Rain

We just recently uploaded “Monotone of the Rain” to our bandcamp site. This album has been in the dark for most of the time following its release in 2006, but now it’s available again, much to our delight. As a way of saying thank you to all you who have purchased it during the last couple of days, I recorded an acoustic version of the title track for you to enjoy.

Visit the album’s bandcamp site here.

Cherry Weekend

To ramp up the extraordinary hype for our upcoming Germany tour, I’ve decided to upload a song from our upcoming album, “Confessional Sun” (probably out this fall in some way). It’s called “Cherry Weekend” and basically describes a very emotionally turbulent weekend in London last year. The song holds a very dear place in my heart, and I would be very happy if you took some time to listen to it. We will also play it on our upcoming shows.


“Arctic Air” bonus tracks; release date changed to December 21

Hi guys! Thanks to everyone who’s ordered You, Me and a Nuance of Arctic Air so far!! I’ve decided to offer two bonus tracks to whomever purchase the CD/digital album (bandcamp should include bonus tracks to previous preorders but let me know if you don’t get them).

The first bonus track is a previously unheard song called “Not in This Life,” while the other is a cover of “Life in LA” by Ariel Pink, translated to Swedish.

Oh, and release date has been changed to December 21. Order the album here!



Stream new song “New Memorabilia” from our upcoming album!

Our second single from the upcoming album You, Me and a Nuance of Arctic Air is now out! Stream and download it via Soundcloud!

You can preorder the CD and/or the digital download of the album here!

“Come to Me” out now!

Our first single from the upcoming album You, Me and a Nuance of Arctic Air is now out! Stream and download it via Soundcloud!

You can preorder the CD and/or the digital download of the album here!

Stars in Coma to release new album on Christmas Eve!


Good news! I will follow up 2011′s Midnight Puzzle with a new genre-bending collection of outtakes and new songs called You, Me and a Nuance of Arctic air, out December 24 on CD and digital formats. The album will be preceded by three digital singles, unveiled on every Sunday in December. The first single,  “Come to Me,” will be digitally available on December 2.

The album mainly consists of Midnight Puzzle outtakes written in 2011, but also features several new songs recorded in the fall of 2012. “Three Days Off” and “Frozen Spectacle” were originally released as x-mas songs in 2011 and 2010, respectively. The latter was re-recorded for this album with vocals by Nicole Eklund.


1. Uncolored Dreams*
2. Come to Me**
3. For What It’s Worth**
4. New Memorabilia*
5. Homecoming Dream**
6. Sailing in Parallel Dimensions*
7. Three Days Off***
8. Frozen Spectacle****

* = Recorded in the fall of 2012
** = recorded in 2011
*** = originally released in December 2011 for the Fika Recordings advent calendar
**** = originally released in 2010 for the Kitty Kitten Kristmas compilation, re-recorded in 2012