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New EP “The World is Always Ending” out now!

Our new EP “The World is Always Ending” is now out! Check out the links below to buy or listen.

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In 2014, Stars in Coma released the personal The Confessional Sun, dealing with songwriter and producer André Brorsson’s loss of his father. Since then, Brorsson have been hard at work on the follow-up album Defunct Summer, but has repeatedly postponed the project due to lack of interest, perfectionism and personal budget cuts. However, last year saw the electro-sounding The Ghosts Were Prolific In Our Minds, a seven-track effort Brorsson deemed a “distraction project” of sorts, i.e. something fun to work on while the “real deal” is stored on a Macbook somewhere in Malmö.

While Defunct Summer eventually should see the release date somewhere in 2017, Brorsson decided to quickly create another distraction project to once again find the joy in music, the fun-titled The World is Always Ending EP. This five-track EP offers a more mellow and contemplative Stars in Coma than we’ve ever heard before. Created during a two-week stint, and drawing inspiration from artists such as Weyes Blood, Devendra Banhart and Sufjan Stevens, Brorsson had created a esoteric and stripped-down mix of folk, psych pop and ambient synth sounds.

1. The World is Always Ending
2. Saw the Cars Burning
3. A Childhood by the Coastline
4. No Sunlight
5. You Will Be Found

New Rarities Album Out Now!





About the album:

So the other day I was looking for a drum plug on a really old hard drive and found a folder that was bluntly named DO NOT SHARE! Turns out the folder contained a bunch of old recordings dated 2003 to 2006. Interesting, because I had completely forgot I had them. So I put like all songs (around 25) in my media player and started listening to them. Sure, most of the tracks made me cringe A LOT. The production was sloppy, vocals were strained and off key and lyrics were lazily written. However, some tracks were also very interesting to hear after such a long time and in fact some of them were pretty good.

In 2003, I was in constant trial-and-error mode musically. I had discovered all this new amazing recording software (like Reason and Cubase) so I was really experiment as much as I could in my home studio. Even though a was kind of in a creative frenzy, I hadn’t yet built up the confidence to launch Stars in Coma publicly, so I was still writing without a perceived audience, which I guess made the songs very honest, innocent and naive. I didn’t really have to fin-tune everything because I knew those songs wouldn’t never see the light of day (until my older self found them on said hard drive…). Even when I released my first couple of SiC albums I was still living in this bubble where everything was possible. Then reality kicked in and I became more self-conscious after I received my first bad review in 2008.

So why risk getting a bad review again? Well, I know that some people like the early Stars in Coma releases, and this compilation doesn’t differ that much from that stuff. In fact, some of the songs were written prior or around the same time as those early recordings.

Also, I think it’s always interesting to consume an artist’s work in progress even though it’s unpolished, unfinished and abandoned, and perhaps people will find this release interesting from that perspective. I’ve always liked it when my favorite artists are over-prolific and even put out bad stuff, because it tells a truer and more interesting picture about the artist’s whole work.

I named this compilation “The Myspace Years” because I associate a lot of these songs with that era. That time period was such a creative time when an artist could upload their newest song without thinking too much about a career or a PR campaign. There was this perceived sense of hope that every unknown indie pop songwriter or musician could get an (albeit small) audience, and it was such a wonderful feeling, because we never had an audience to speak of before Myspace.

It was a time before the internet-based indie pop scene had become truly over-saturated and people were still keen on finding new small bands. I’m not saying things are all bad today, but I felt that people dedicated more time to discover and listen to emerging artists before the era of endless Facebook ad campaigns and Soundcloud subscription.

Anyway, back to this release. Some of the songs I found on my old hard drive were simply too cringe-y to officially release. Plus, I would bore the hell out of the listener if I should release everything, so I decided to set a tracklist limit of 12 songs. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Gig with Teen Daze on February 6!

On February 6, we are opening for awesome Canadian band teen daze on Babel Malmö. This is our first Malmö show in almost two years, so not to be missed!
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First shows in Spain!

Hi, some exciting news!

In December, we will do a first couple of shows in Madrid, Spain. We will actually do two gigs on December 12, which we’ve never done before. The first one will actually be in a bicycle shop around 12 PM (noon). Then in the evening on the same day, we will play with Madrid-based bands Zipper and Puzzles y Dragones at Maravillas Club.

Hope to see you there! More info below:

Stars in Coma @ Maravillas Club 9:30 PM (with Zipper and Puzzles y Dragones)
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Stars in Coma @ Viva Bicicletas (acoustic show) 12 PM
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New single “Pieces of a Lonely Night”

Swedish music blog Being Blogged just unveiled our newest single “Pieces of a Lonely Night.” Check it out below!

Your Kindness

Thank you New York!


We wanna thank you all who came out to our first US show on May 31! It was a very special experience for all of us, and the audience was truly wonderful. I’ve been dreaming of playing the United States since I started this project in 2005, and now this dream finally came true. Here’s a vid from our closing song “Peacebloom” (thanks to Thew!)

Also thanks to Maz and the NYC Popfest for having us!

The Confessional Sun OUT NOW

We’re very happy to announce that our new album, The Confessional Sun, is now out! It’s been a long and bumpy ride, but we’re relieved to finally announce it to the world.



Get it at some of the following places:









Stream The Confessional Sun

You can now stream the new album at Soundcloud. Happy Listening!