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Thank you New York!


We wanna thank you all who came out to our first US show on May 31! It was a very special experience for all of us, and the audience was truly wonderful. I’ve been dreaming of playing the United States since I started this project in 2005, and now this dream finally came true. Here’s a vid from our closing song “Peacebloom” (thanks to Thew!)

Also thanks to Maz and the NYC Popfest for having us!

Now you can listen to “Midnight Puzzle” on Spotify!

Midnight Puzzle out now on Kingem Records!

The new Stars in Coma is now out! You can order it here and read Mark’s view on it. If you’re more into the digital download thing, you can buy the album on Bandcamp for only USD 5! Hope you’ll like it!


1. And So
2. Dismantle Your Heart
3. Memory 1938 
4. Keller Club
5. Unique Emotion
6. Midnight Puzzle
7. Peacebloom (click to listen)
8. Apologizer’s Corner
9. Paint My Picture On The Thick Shell
10. Tuck Dales
11. The Magic Season

På Besök loves me

“this winter has changed my life for good”

We did a at-home rehearsal today, since we don’t have a rehearsal space anymore. Anyway, we making this half-acoustic, drum machine-y gig in Berlin this Friday. It’s part of the Let’s Kiss And Make Up festival and we’re playing at a venue called Multilayer Laden. Apparently the place is really small and we aren’t allowed to play loud like we’re used to, so we will make this one-off experiment. It isn’t really gonna be an all Stars in Coma gig either as both Lisa and Nicole will take turns at the microphone.

9:45 PM is the time. You know what to do!

My hometown, inspirational as always.

Goodbye Malmö, hello Ripley!

You always find weird and cool things in Malmö. I saw this text on a parked truck and though it could be a great title for my next album…