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Thank you


Hope this summer’s been treating you good. Just wanna say a special thanks to all the people who made our shows so very special this year. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We will now slip into some kind of silent period, working on new songs and waiting for the new WoW expansion.

Here’s a video of “Cherry Weekend” from our gig in Indiefjord, Norway.

and the whole show from NYC Popfest back in May is available here!

I also made an interview with Walter The Fish, discussing our first US show, among other things. It can be found here.



New Mailing List

We will soon announce some exciting news. Meanwhile, you can sign up to our new mailing list so you don’t miss them!

Talk soon!

Stars in Coma to release new album on Christmas Eve!


Good news! I will follow up 2011′s Midnight Puzzle with a new genre-bending collection of outtakes and new songs called You, Me and a Nuance of Arctic air, out December 24 on CD and digital formats. The album will be preceded by three digital singles, unveiled on every Sunday in December. The first single,  “Come to Me,” will be digitally available on December 2.

The album mainly consists of Midnight Puzzle outtakes written in 2011, but also features several new songs recorded in the fall of 2012. “Three Days Off” and “Frozen Spectacle” were originally released as x-mas songs in 2011 and 2010, respectively. The latter was re-recorded for this album with vocals by Nicole Eklund.


1. Uncolored Dreams*
2. Come to Me**
3. For What It’s Worth**
4. New Memorabilia*
5. Homecoming Dream**
6. Sailing in Parallel Dimensions*
7. Three Days Off***
8. Frozen Spectacle****

* = Recorded in the fall of 2012
** = recorded in 2011
*** = originally released in December 2011 for the Fika Recordings advent calendar
**** = originally released in 2010 for the Kitty Kitten Kristmas compilation, re-recorded in 2012



Midnight Puzzle out in US today!

Our album “Midnight Puzzle” is officially released in the US today! You can listen to it via the AOL Spinner below, as well as read some press articles about the album.

AOL Spinner
It’s a Trap
Jersey Beat
Sounds XP
Under The Radar
Mitten Mouth Music
She Turns The Tables
Neo Future
Das Klienicum

…and here’s a nice live review from our latest gig in Malmö.

Interview with SoundsXP

André sat down with SoundsXP to talk about about inspirations, collaborations and staying up too long after shows. Read the interview here!

“High Five!” Feature

You wanna know the quirky things we do in our sparetime? Check out the “High Five!” feature at Green Light Go here!

Mitten Mouth Music + US release

Michigan-based blog Mitten Mouth Music wrote a niece piece about us! Check it out here.

Oh, and the US release of Midnight Puzzle is scheduled for April 24!


På Besök tonight

Tonight we’ll playing @ På Besök as part of a Demobanken night to support the Musikhjälpen initiative. Swing by! If you’re not convinced, read this lovely description of us (in Swedish though).

Take care!


Upcoming gig at Rex


We’ll be playing at Pizzeria Rex on September 2, together with friends Gulo and salut!machaut.

Facebook event here


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Another review…

…this time it’s in German!