Stream the new album now and watch the video to “destroying the Love”

Stars in Coma has released its 11th album Every Evening, Sunset Crooks its Thumb Across the River on March 29th. Watch the video for single “Destroying the Love” below!



A lot of stuff was going on in my life during the writing process of Every Evening, the Sunset Crooks its Thumb Across the River. In the midst of the tropical Swedish summer of 2018, my wife and I decided to take a break in our relationship after 9 years. Simultaneously, we were busy planning a move to another country, so things weren’t exactly stable in our lives.

However, the creative process surrounding this album was relatively easy as the project served as a safe haven from my otherwise tumultuous life at the time. That’s often the tradeoff you’re doing when you’re facing hardships in your life: your personal issues might be weighing you down, but it always comes with an immense charge of creative energy, at least for me. The songs were written fast and chronological as they happened in my life, from the middle of July to October 2018.

Eventually, my wife and I reached some common ground and decided to stick together. Given that turn of events, the album starts off pretty grim but eventually ends up in a more positive and redeeming place. The album, which was recorded in Malmö, Sweden, and Lisbon, Portugal, in a short period of time, is very personal, but the overall theme could universally serve as a document for when a person’s life turns upside down for a period of time.

Musically, I didn’t even think of artistic inspirations this time, I just let the songs come to me and used whatever piano, guitar, organ or string sounds I found beautiful and moving at the time of recording. I guess the end result became a digitalized version of 70’s chamber pop.  My new adapted town of Lisbon also served as a major source of inspiration in terms of being someplace new, providing me with a fresh perspective on life in the end.

-André, March 2019

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