English press:

Stars in Coma do great justice to their native country’s pop music history. Their style spans from ABBA’s orchestra-laden and punchy pop to the idiosyncrasies of contemporary Swedish songwriters, like Jens Lekman and Eric Berglund. In a way, Stars in Coma sound like a cohesive hybrid of their pop genius natives, with a familiarity to their sound all while being excitingly new.
-Obscure Sound

Their new album, The Confessional Sun, is harmony-laden, ’70s-ish sunshine pop. It’s a really nice record.
-Brooklyn Vegan

Midnight Puzzle’s layered sounds, unexpected song craft and unusual instrumentation all add up to one memorable record!
-Ryan’s Smashing Life

Stars In Coma feature heavy synths and glam-like bits, but not quite to the level of Sweden’s The Ark; where The Ark is more rock driven, Stars In Coma makes glam pop.

It’s encouraging to see that as the indiepop genre reaches its middle age there are still bands around who are willing to play around with it and look for new directions. Thanks to these Swedes it looks like there’s life in the old dog yet.

The Malmo, Sweden-based quartet creates a dazzling cloud of sound that deftly skirts baccalaurean excess — even as synths, guitars, dulcimers, choirs and strings are piled sky-high. Ideas as well are stockpiled with a care that almost borderlines on fetishism.
-Its A Trap

Midnight Puzzle somehow combines the sounds of surf rock era Beatles, low fi bedroom ballad of Montreal, extraterrestrial psych rock Flaming Lips, and at times dropping a synth line you’d expect from the likes of MGMT. Listen up.
-She Turns The Tables

Andrė Brorsson, creative-in-chief of the band, I take my hat off to you sir. You are a genius.
-Sleepwalking Magazine

Swedish press:

På ”The Confessional Sun” skildrar Malmöbandet Stars in Coma inte en dröm utan snarare en mardröm ur vilken man inte kan vakna. Skivan har sitt ursprung i sångaren André Brorssons pappas bortgång, vilket genomsyrar hela den eklektiska men samtidigt sammanhållna skivan och framförallt dess texter.

[The Confessional Sun] är en både personlig och inkluderande skiva, som smidigt plockar upp beståndsdelar ur såväl visproggen och den klassiska musiken som happypopen och 60-talsrocken, skakar ihop det och kastar ut det till något nytt.