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Show in Berlin

On January 28, we will play our first show in over a year. It will be a stripped down line up, consisting of just me (gtr, vox) and Nicole (everything). The place will be Madame Claude in Berlin. Doors are 19:00 and showtime is 21:30. Hope to see you there!

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We will draw pretty heavily from our latest EP for this show so if you haven’t checked it our yet, please do it here :)

Gig with Teen Daze on February 6!

On February 6, we are opening for awesome Canadian band teen daze on Babel Malmö. This is our first Malmö show in almost two years, so not to be missed!
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First shows in Spain!

Hi, some exciting news!

In December, we will do a first couple of shows in Madrid, Spain. We will actually do two gigs on December 12, which we’ve never done before. The first one will actually be in a bicycle shop around 12 PM (noon). Then in the evening on the same day, we will play with Madrid-based bands Zipper and Puzzles y Dragones at Maravillas Club.

Hope to see you there! More info below:

Stars in Coma @ Maravillas Club 9:30 PM (with Zipper and Puzzles y Dragones)
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Stars in Coma @ Viva Bicicletas (acoustic show) 12 PM
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show @ Bandstationen

This Saturday (April 18), we will play a show at Bandstationen, Ryd, Sweden. It’s in the darkest woods of Småland, so it’s sure gonna be an interesting  and pagan experience. Facebook event below:

Hope to see you there!

Klub Geyser

Hi all,

We’ll be playing at Klub Geyser in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Saturday January 31. Hope to see you there!

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Thank you New York!


We wanna thank you all who came out to our first US show on May 31! It was a very special experience for all of us, and the audience was truly wonderful. I’ve been dreaming of playing the United States since I started this project in 2005, and now this dream finally came true. Here’s a vid from our closing song “Peacebloom” (thanks to Thew!)

Also thanks to Maz and the NYC Popfest for having us!

Live @ Babel, Malmö, February 27

Hi all,

On February 27, we will be playing our first show since the summer of 2013. The place is Babel, Malmoe, and the show is part of the Kick-start club. We will debut some new songs, so that’s a pretty good reason to come right?

Facebook event here.

På Besök tonight

Tonight we’ll playing @ På Besök as part of a Demobanken night to support the Musikhjälpen initiative. Swing by! If you’re not convinced, read this lovely description of us (in Swedish though).

Take care!