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Thank you New York!


We wanna thank you all who came out to our first US show on May 31! It was a very special experience for all of us, and the audience was truly wonderful. I’ve been dreaming of playing the United States since I started this project in 2005, and now this dream finally came true. Here’s a vid from our closing song “Peacebloom” (thanks to Thew!)

Also thanks to Maz and the NYC Popfest for having us!

Upcoming shows

Hi all,

we have some very exciting shows coming up! First, there is The Confessional Sun album release party at Sugar Ditch in Malmö. The date is May 3 at 8:30 PM:ish, and the address is Nobelvägen 24. A Facebook event can be found here.

On May 31, we will do our debut US show at the NYC Popfest! The place is Cameo Gallery, and we will share the bill with such fine acts as Spearmint, Rocketship, The Garlands and more!

Then there is the newly founded Indiefjord festival in Björke, Norway. We will be play on July 12 I think, but more news about that to come.

Hope to see some you of during those shows!