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Stream The Confessional Sun

You can now stream the new album at Soundcloud. Happy Listening!


Pre-order new album Confessional Sun, listen to first single now!


I’m proud to say that our new album, Confessional Sunwill be out April 30, 2013 on Moonport Recordings! That seems like a long time, so while you are waiting, you can listen to the first single “By the Memorial Urn” below.

The physical edition is both an album and a book. Designer Håkan Carlsson created 16 pages, printed in full color. It´s hand numbered, signed and includes lyrics, images, illustrations, download link and a CD. Strictly limited edition, only 100 copies available! Watch photos of the album here.

Pre-order the album here.


1. On the Hill
2. Tricks
3. Paulsen & Me
4. Small Town Choir
5. Emancipation Test
6. Borders
7. By the Memorial Urn
8. Last Summer in Munich
9. Cherry Weekend
10. Lonely Chamber
11. Summer’s Coming Back
12. Nullified Wall